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All links are to YouTube videos. Listed in no particular order (maybe once I finalize the list, I'll try to put it into some kind of order):

Duck and Run - 3 Doors Down
Whatever he encounters, he faces it. No matter how horrific or dangerous, he stands his ground and makes sure it's dealt with.

Storms - Eben Brooks
Especially after his most difficult cases, sometimes the darkness of Darnell's experiences threatens to overtake him as he questions why he keeps going on, how anyone can.

Resolutions - Eben Brooks
And yet he keeps pressing on. Because life really is worth it.

Affirmation - Savage Garden
Darnell prefers to look at the positive in life and believe the best of people until proven otherwise.

Grand Experiment - No More Kings
If Darnell has a theme song (aside from the game theme of course), this is probably it.

Who Says You Can’t Go Home – Bon Jovi
To his coworkers, he's Special Agent Barrett. To the queen, to his many adversaries, and to others he's met along the way, he is The Master Detective. But there's one place he can go where he's no one special, just Darnell - among his family. And that is a special place to him.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
Darnell doesn't talk much about his more esoteric cases. Mostly because who would believe him? They're also the ones that affect him the most, but without being able to talk about them to anyone, they leave him to cope with the aftermath alone.

Bounce – Bon Jovi
His foes keep trying to knock him down, but he just comes back stronger and more determined to defeat them.

Dance with the Devil - Breaking Benjamin
Darnell versus Alister Dalimar

Angry Candy - Alison Lonsdale
Darnell will never quite understand those who take a dark path. Do they not see the harm they do? Not only to others, but to themselves.

Bring It On - Seal
"Live goes on now, carry on now, don't wait until tomorrow..."

Bump in the Night - Allstars
Darnell deals with a lot of creepy places and even creepier people. Not all of them are ghosts, but...

Bent - Matchbox Twenty
"I started out clean but I'm jaded...I'm so scared that I'll never get put back together..."

Unwell - Matchbox Twenty
"I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired...Feeling like I'm headed for a breakdown..."

Fear - Pauley Perrette/Stop Making Friends (Yes, THAT Pauley Perrette)
Darnell gets scared, make no mistake. Some of his cases have terrified him. But ultimately "the only fear is fear itself."

Also on my list but can't find vids for:

Juan Coffeebean – The Wild Oats
He loves his coffee.

Come, Kate, and Sing
– The Wild Oats
Again...sing the praises of coffee.

- Alison Lonsdale
There's always a price to pay, even if it's just for living. Everything worthwhile has a price.


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