Jun. 26th, 2017

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 Assuming Darnell's 32 in summer of 2017

1984 born (Sept 12)
2002 graduate HS, enter UCLA (Criminal Justice)
2006 get BA in CJ, join MCF (intern), Huntsville (hired full-time)
2007 Prime Suspects, Ravenhearst
2008 (late fall) Madame Fate, Return to Ravenhearst, Dire Grove
                             - Alison Sterling & Maggie Sharpe, Class of 2009
2017 The Black Veil
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 Stories in chronological order by canon timeline (to be added to as new titles are published)

MCF: Madame Fate (on FFnet) (on AO3)
Summary - Based on events of game #4 in the series. The Master Detective hadn't been assigned to, nor been looking for, a case. But he found one. And something found him.

In Her Majesty's Service (on FFnet) (on AO3)
Summary - In the wake of his case in Dire Grove, the Master Detective is approached about upgrading his "honorary" position with the Royal Agency to an official one. With a twist. Semi-spoilers for the bonus chapter of Ravenhearst Unlocked re: MCF's origins.

Aftermath (on FFnet) (on AO3)
Summary - Alister's defeated at last - case closed? Not quite. There's still the unnatural brand, the dead body, the woman trapped in a storage room, and an exhausted Master Detective who'll end up back at the lunatic asylum if someone doesn't ID and vouch for him first.



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Special Agent Darnell Barrett, Master Detective

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