May. 2nd, 2017

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Player's Name: Dragon
Contact info: Plurk @OldMaidDragon or PM this account
DW: Player acct dragondancer5150, muse acct neverasked4this

Character: Special Agent Darnell Barrett, Master Detective
Canon: Mystery Case Files (HOS/Adventure casual game series) - Link to Wikipedia page 
Version: NA – however please see NOTES below
Canon Point: Post Game #15: The Black Veil
Age: 32
Gender: Male
NOTES: The nature of the early games was such that there was no POV character, and the tagline of the series was “You be the detective!” However, as style and the mechanics of game play have evolved over the years (first game premiered in 2005, most recent just came out a month ago), the POV as an actual character, known simply as the Master Detective, became a stronger and stronger presence through written journal entries and POV comments across the top of the screen in reaction to specific events and/or the player clicking on items or areas. For most of the series, the Master Detective has been accepted as a character in his/her own right. By and large, though, the game developers have been very careful not to “prove” the Master Detective’s gender one way or another (continuing to allow the player to imagine him/her as they choose). Fandom in general seems to have “set” the character as being female, but I’ve always had a male take on the detective, myself. The name is one I chose for him, as none is ever given in canon – the rare times a name is used, the system pulls in the player’s profile name.

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Personality )

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Supply List: On his person - dress shirt and tie, slacks, dress shoes, sports jacket, trench coat, scarf, fedora, leather gloves, MCF badge, cell phone, wallet, house and car keys (MCF logo keyring), loose change, pocket knife (MCF logo), lighter (MCF logo), handkerchief
In his satchel - flashlight and batteries, three leather journals (two empty, one full from the case in Dreadmond [The Black Veil]), pens and pencils (including art pencils), paperclips, charger and extra battery for cell phone, small first aid kit, Crime Computer (mini laptop with specialized programs and attachments), Polaroid instant camera with extra batteries and film

Game Transfers: NA at this time, may change in the future with the next game release

Sample RP post:
PSL with friend’s OC
PortesOOC TDM thread starter


neverasked4this: Mystery Case Files detective's badge (Default)
Special Agent Darnell Barrett, Master Detective

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